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List of SEO Tools

In search engine optimization, comprehensive and reliable tools that help you retrieve important information about your site, your competitors’ sites and the market niche you’re in are extremely important. We have collected a list of our favorite tools that we recommend to everyone who needs a hand collecting vital SEO information. To make using this list easier, we have even created a short review of each tool.

Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) Keyword Selector Tool – shows the number of searches for a keyword in Yahoo during the previous month and related searches.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – originally designed as a tool to help Google AdWords advertisers set up their PPC campaigns, this tool provides data on keyword search volume and advertiser competition, cost and ad position estimates, historical search volume trends over the last 12 months and possible negative keywords for setting up a PPC campaign. It also lists keyword suggestions for a keyword or a group of keywords entered by the user. It can also extract keywords off a web page and provide similar information for these keywords. The search volume and competition data provided by the tool is, however, relative – all the user sees is a colored bar, not actual figures.


SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – a keyword tool based on Yahoo’s (Overture) data that displays related keywords for a keyword, search volume and links to other sources of keyword information.