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Case Studies

Here are success stories from some of our satisfied customers. In each case, finding the correct customized solution helped them achieve their goals. (Per our privacy policy, all real names and site URLs are withheld.)

Increasing Traffic to an Established Site

Jeremy B. operates a financial services web site. Although it is a long established site with a great many high quality links, Jeremy felt the site was not getting the traffic it should and asked us to perform a site analysis. We reviewed his site and discovered there were duplicate content issues that prevented it from achieving its full search engine ranking potential. We have long known that for database driven sites, if duplicate content is not treated carefully, such sites will suffer ranking troubles. After the changes we suggested were implemented, the site received a more favorable index by Google, acheived a higher rank, and Jeremy’s traffic increased nearly 240%.

Increasing the Sign-ups Rate

Marie N. provides a free e-book to visitors who register at her web site. Her site was getting a decent amount of traffic, but the number of people who actually registered was extremely low. After our copywriter edited Marie’s site copy, the quantity of registrations increased 2.5 times.

Driving Online Leads for an Offline Business

Daniel C. operated his small brick and mortal business in the local community for several years before deciding to create a web site to attract more customers. We did preliminary market research for him, ran keyword research, designed a web site, wrote the site copy, planned a link building campaign and instructed him on how to implement it as he did not have a large budget for the project and wished to do his link building on his own. Five months since the site was launched, Daniel has already been getting twice as many service enquiries as before he went online.

Helping an Owner of a Banned Site

Tony F. runs an online business that depends on targeted traffic to his web site. Before Tony had contacted us, his site had been active for about a year but wasn’t getting much traffic. We analyzed his site and discovered that it was banned by Google due to the activities of the previous owner of the domain. Tony then hired us to perform a complete SEO campaign for his site. We removed everything that looked suspicious on his site, rewrote and redesigned it, selected the best keywords to target, and built a number of high quality links over a period of several months. A year after Tony first contacted us, his site ranks in the top 10 in Google for some highly competitive keywords.

Testimonials from our recent customers