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Terms of Service

Killer-Content.com will maintain its clients’ privacy and will not release any information pertaining to personal details or details of their order or web site without prior written consent.

As a client of Killer-Content.com, you agree to not disclose any sensitive information provided to you by Killer-Content.com in the process of performing the services ordered to any third parties without the prior written consent of Killer-Content.com’s representatives.

As a client of Killer-Content.com, you will provide all relevant information necessary for the completion of the order in time for Killer-Content.com’s specialists to complete the order by the deadline. Killer-Content.com bears no responsibility for late or incorrect information.

You agree to provide payments for the ordered services in a timely manner. You are entitled to Killer-Content.com’s money back guarantee in case Killer-Content.com fails to provide the service you have ordered. The money back guarantee, however, does not cover situations where the order could not be completed due to the lack of information or incorrect information that had to be provided by the client.

You understand and agree that certain services provided by Killer-Content.com require a contract for a minimum term of 6 months.

Killer-Content.com is not responsible to any failures or malfunctions of its customers’ web sites caused by a third party. These include but are not limited to web site host downtime/malfunction, domain registrar failures, DDoS attacks and other malicious activities of third parties.

Killer-Content.com bears no responsibility for any actions you take regarding your web site that have not been advised or approved by our company.

Killer-Content.com will bear no responsibility for the results of activity of previous service providers, whether it be web design providers; web content providers; SEOs, etc.

Killer-Content.com pledges to make every effort to achieve the best possible results for its clients, but cannot guarantee any concrete results where they depend on a third party such as search engines, PPC engines, etc.

Killer-Content.com can not guarantee any certain position in the search results for any keyword in a search engine, as it bears no responsibility for the algorithms of said search engines.